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A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo

A Piglet Named Mercy Book Review: Kate DiCamillo’s Delightful Tale of an Unpredictable Piglet

“A Piglet Named Mercy” by Kate DiCamillo is a charming story about change and joy. This delightful book tells the tale of Mr. and Mrs. Watson, who live on Deckawoo Drive. They are very ordinary people who lead a very ordinary life. But everything changes when a tiny piglet enters their lives.


Book Details

Title: A Piglet Named Mercy

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Genre/Topics: Animals – Babies/Infants, People – Family

Grade Recommendation: Grade 2

Series: No

Page Count: Approx. 32

Word Count: Approx. 465

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Book Review

A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo


Mr. and Mrs. Watson do everything in predictable ways. One day, Mrs. Watson wonders if their life is a bit too predictable. Mr. Watson disagrees and thinks everything is fine. But Mrs. Watson wishes for something different to happen.


A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo


Something different does happen. One morning, Mr. Watson finds a small piglet at their door. He calls for Mrs. Watson to come and see. The piglet is cute and makes an oink sound. Mrs. Watson thinks the piglet is hungry. Their neighbor, Eugenia Lincoln, does not like surprises and thinks the piglet is not lucky. But her sister, Baby Lincoln, loves surprises and suggests giving the piglet some warm milk.


The piglet drinks the whole bottle of milk and burps. She then goes looking for more food. Mrs. Watson thinks the piglet is adorable. Baby Lincoln sees that the piglet likes toast. Eugenia thinks the whole situation is absurd.


A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo


Mr. Watson holds the piglet and rocks her. He calls her a porcine wonder. Mrs. Watson says the piglet is a wish come true. Baby Lincoln calls her a mercy. Mr. Watson decides to name her Mercy.


Eugenia does not approve and says you cannot name a pig Mercy. But they do. Mercy becomes a loved and important part of the Watsons’ lives. She is not ordinary and brings joy and excitement.


Book Analysis

“A Piglet Named Mercy” is a delightful story that shows how a small change can bring great joy. The writing is simple, making it perfect for young readers. The story teaches children about the joy of unexpected surprises and the importance of love.


The illustrations by Chris Van Dusen are colorful and fun. They add to the story and show Mercy’s playful nature. The pictures help bring the characters to life and make the book enjoyable to read.


Kate DiCamillo’s storytelling is engaging. She creates lovable characters that children can relate to. Mr. and Mrs. Watson are kind and caring. Eugenia is strict but adds humor to the story. Baby Lincoln is sweet and loves surprises. And Mercy is the star, bringing happiness wherever she goes.


The book also teaches children about acceptance. Even though Eugenia does not like Mercy at first, the Watsons show that love and care can make a big difference. Mercy, the piglet, becomes a part of their family despite being different.


Book Conclusion

“A Piglet Named Mercy” by Kate DiCamillo is a story that will make children smile. It shows that sometimes, the most unexpected things can bring the most joy. With its simple words and lovely illustrations, this book is perfect for young readers. Mercy, the piglet, teaches us that life is full of wonderful surprises. This book is a great read, bringing joy and laughter with every page.

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