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Ed Finds A Home by Alia Bhatt

Book Review: Ed Finds a Home by Alia Bhatt


“Ed Finds a Home” is Alia Bhatt’s debut as an author. This children’s book tells the story of a lonely dog named Ed and a girl named Alia. This book is filled with lessons about kindness, friendship, and understanding.


Book Details

Title: Ed Finds a Home

Author: Alia Bhatt

Genre/Topics: Friendship, kindness and understanding

Grade Recommendation: Grade 2

Series: No

Page Count: Approx. 34

Word Count: Approx. 1,303

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Ed Finds a Home by Alia Bhatt Ed Finds a Home by Alia Bhatt

Summary of the Story

The story begins on a bright Sunday morning. Ed, a little dog, is alone on the beach. He is frightened, hungry, and lonely. Nearby, there is a small brown house. Inside, a little girl named Alia feels lonely too. The beach is busy with people playing and eating. A kind woman asks Ed if he is lost, but she does not understand his cries for help.

Alia, in her house, hears strange voices outside her window. The voices tell her to go to the beach because someone needs her help. She finds Ed among some boxes and rubbish. Alia talks to Ed, but at first, she only hears him bark. Eventually, she realizes that she can understand him. Ed tells her about his sad past of being unwanted and abandoned.

Alia shares her story with Ed. She explains how she felt alone at school because other children thought she was strange. This is because she can hear animals and trees talking. The crow confirms that Alia is special and has a unique ability to communicate with nature.



  • Ed: A small, brown and white dog with chocolate-like eyes. He feels unwanted and abandoned but longs for a home and a family.
  • Alia: A little girl who feels lonely and misunderstood. She has a special ability to understand the language of animals and trees.


The main themes of “Ed Finds a Home” are kindness, understanding, and the bond between humans and animals. The book highlights the importance of listening and being empathetic. Alia’s ability to hear animals and trees teaches young readers about paying attention to the world around them.


Writing Style

Alia Bhatt uses simple and clear language. The short sentences make it easy for children to follow the story. The descriptive writing helps young readers visualize the scenes and feel connected to the characters.



The illustrations by Tanvi Bhat are vibrant and engaging. They bring the story to life and help children understand the emotions of the characters. The pictures of the beach, the small brown house, and the animals are particularly beautiful.


Messages for Children

“Ed Finds a Home” delivers several important messages:

  1. Kindness and Compassion: Alia’s willingness to help Ed shows the importance of being kind to others, especially those in need.
  2. Listening: The story emphasizes the value of truly listening, not just hearing, which helps us understand others better.
  3. Belonging: Both Ed and Alia feel lonely at first but find a sense of belonging with each other.



“Ed Finds a Home” by Alia Bhatt is a touching story that will resonate with young readers. It teaches valuable lessons about empathy, compassion, kindness, and understanding. The book’s simple language and beautiful illustrations make it perfect for children. This is a book that both kids and parents will enjoy reading together.

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