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Stage Fright by Yamini Vijayan

Stage Fright by Yamini Vijayan Book Review: Conquering Fears with Champa

“Stage Fright” by Yamini Vijayan is a sweet and heartwarming children’s book. It tells the story of a girl named Champa who loves to sing but is very scared of performing on stage. This book shows how she overcomes her fear with practice and support from her friends and family.


Book Details

Title: Stage Fright

Author: Yamini Vijayan

Genre/Topics: Emotions – Fear, Character Traits – Perseverance, Interpersonal Relationships – Friendship

Grade Recommendation: Grade 2

Series: No

Page Count: Approx. 16

Word Count: Approx. 533

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Book Summary

Champa loves singing more than anything else. She sings everywhere – in the bathroom, on the roof, to the hills, and even to the moon. She sings like a lion and like a bee. When Champa sings, she feels amazing.


One day, her friend Basant hears her sing and gets an idea. He tells her to sing on Annual Day. Champa is scared of this idea because she remembers the time she almost fainted on stage. She has never told Basant about this.


Champa says she can’t sing in front of many people. She doesn’t even sing in front of her parents. Basant tells her she just needs practice. He says she is an amazing singer and shouldn’t worry about others laughing.


Champa feels both excited and scared about singing on stage. She decides to try because she loves singing so much. Champa practices a lot. She sings when she gets out of bed, does her homework, and takes the goats out to graze. She even sings upside down!


Everyone at home is excited about her big day. They give her advice like taking deep breaths, smiling at the audience, and even funny things like throwing a broken plate for luck.


The day before her performance, Champa has a special practice. It goes really well!


Finally, it’s Annual Day. Champa wears a sweater her grandfather made for the show. When it’s her turn to sing, she feels very nervous. The stage feels big, the lights are bright, and there are many people watching. At first, she can only whisper. Then she tries again, but only a squeak comes out. The audience gasps. Champa feels scared until she sees Basant waving at her. This makes her feel better. She tries again, and her voice comes out softly at first but then becomes strong and beautiful.


It doesn’t matter that the stage is big or that the lights are bright. Champa sings with all her heart and feels amazing.


Book Analysis

“Stage Fright” is a story about facing your fears and never giving up. The writing is simple and easy for children to understand. Champa is a character that many kids can relate to, especially if they have ever been scared to do something they love.


The pictures in the book are colorful and fun. They help tell the story and show Champa’s singing adventures. The drawings of her practicing in funny ways, like singing upside down, add humor to the story.


Stage Fright by Yamini Vijayan  Stage Fright by Yamini Vijayan


The book also shows the importance of having supportive friends and family. Basant’s belief in Champa and her family’s excitement help her feel brave. This teaches kids that it’s okay to ask for help and that having people who believe in you is very important.


Book Conclusion

“Stage Fright” by Yamini Vijayan is a lovely story for young readers. It talks about overcoming fear, the joy of doing what you love, and the support of friends and family. The book is enjoyable and inspiring. Champa’s story shows that with practice and support, anyone can find the courage to do what they love.


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