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Wherever your child is in their reading journey (avid reader, reluctant reader or anywhere in between), we hope to offer them the best reading experience with the objective of making them a motivated reader for life.

This is how we go about doing it!

Sign up with BookGuru by enrolling for a Membership Plan that best suits your child’s reading needs.

Next, your child takes a quick online assessment on our globally recognized reading assessment tool.

Based on the assessment score, BookGuru determines your child’s Reading Level.

Download the BookGuru app on your mobile/laptop device.

Via the app, pick from a wide selection of personalised book recommendations mapped to your child’s Reading Level.

We will hand-deliver the selected books to your doorstep.

After each book your child completes, we conduct a quick reading comprehension quiz. This helps us assess how well your child has understood the book.

We carefully monitor your child’s Reading Progress. We move them up the reading levels when they are ready.

You can track your child’s progress and preview the books they are browsing.

BookGuru’s fun rewards program and exclusive book club keeps children motivated to read regularly and with comprehension.

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