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The Tiffin Gang by Shweta Ganesh Kumar

Book Review: The Tiffin Gang by Shweta Ganesh Kumar


“The Tiffin Gang” by Shweta Ganesh Kumar, illustrated by Ogin Nayam and published by Pratham Books, is a charming children’s book. The story centers on Meenu, a young girl who is bored with her lunch. This simple yet engaging tale explores themes of friendship, sharing, and the joy of variety.


Book Details

Title: The Tiffin Gang

Author: Shweta Ganesh Kumar

Genre/Topics: Friendship, sharing and diversity

Grade Recommendation: Grade 2

Series: No

Page Count: Approx. 15

Word Count: Approx. 315

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The Tiffin Gang by Shweta Ganesh Kumar The Tiffin Gang by Shweta Ganesh Kumar


Plot Summary

Meenu is tired of finding idli and podi in her tiffin box every day. She dreads lunch breaks because her food is always the same. One day, she notices the delicious smell coming from Kamlesh’s tiffin box. Kamlesh’s lunch looks yummy, but she isn’t excited about it either.


Meenu and Kamlesh decide to swap their tiffins. Meenu loves Kamlesh’s jowar bhakri and bhaji, while Kamlesh enjoys Meenu’s idli and podi. This tiffin swap sparks a new tradition. Soon, more friends join in, turning their lunch breaks into a lively tiffin party.


Themes and Messages

The book highlights the importance of sharing and trying new things. Meenu’s story shows how stepping out of our comfort zone can lead to new experiences and friendships. It also emphasizes the diversity of food and how it can bring people together.



Ogin Nayam’s illustrations add a vibrant touch to the story. The colorful pictures capture the essence of a bustling school lunchroom. The drawings make the food look appealing and the characters come to life.



  • Meenu: The main character who is bored with her daily lunch.
  • Kamlesh: Meenu’s classmate who joins in the tiffin swap.
  • Sachi: Another classmate who joins the tiffin party.

Each character is relatable and adds to the story’s charm. Their interactions are realistic and portray typical school life.


Writing Style

Shweta Ganesh Kumar’s writing is simple and engaging. The short sentences and easy words make it perfect for young readers. The story flows well and keeps the reader interested from start to finish.



“The Tiffin Gang” teaches valuable lessons about sharing, diversity, and the joy of trying new things. The engaging story, vibrant illustrations, and relatable characters make it a must-read.

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