Reading Level Matters

Reading Level Matters

It is important for kids to read at their Reading Level.

Levelled reading encourages children to become independent readers by focussing on fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

Decades of research shows that for kids to become ‘strong readers’, one of the important factors is for them to read books at the ‘correct level of difficulty’.

At BookGuru, we assess every child on vocabulary, reading comprehension and their ability to engage and respond to text.

Every book in the BookGuru library is mapped to a Reading Level through a carefully researched process.

In addition, all of our books are assigned an Interest Level based upon content and age appropriateness.

Identifying the right reading and interest levels helps us offer personalised book recommendations and reading comprehension quizzes to all our readers.

Your child gets books that are Just Right.
Just Right books motivate and engage children for a deeper reading experience fuelling a lifelong love for reading.

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