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Arthur's Pen Pal by Lillian Hoban

Book Review: Arthur’s Pen Pal by Lillian Hoban

Introduction to Arthur’s Pen Pal

Arthur’s Pen Pal by Lillian Hoban is a lovely children’s book that teaches the value of friendship, honesty, and sibling relationships. This book is perfect for young readers with its simple language and engaging illustrations. It tells the story of Arthur, a young chimpanzee, who starts a pen pal friendship with someone named Sandy.


Book Details

Title: Arthur’s Pen Pal

Author: Lillian Hoban

Genre/Topics: Animals – Monkeys,Family Life – Sisters

Grade Recommendation: Grade 3

Series: No

Page Count: Approx. 62

Word Count: Approx. 1,612

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Arthur's Pen Pal by Lillian Hoban    Arthur's Pen Pal by Lillian Hoban

Arthur’s Excitement and Assumptions

Arthur is very excited about his pen pal. He thinks Sandy is a boy who has a big brother. Arthur often compares his life with Sandy’s imagined one. He dreams of having a big brother instead of a little sister like Violet. The story unfolds with Arthur writing letters to Sandy, sharing his thoughts and experiences.


Sibling Rivalry and Bonding

Meanwhile, Arthur’s little sister Violet also wants his attention. She asks him for help with her homework and to play games. Arthur often feels annoyed by Violet. He thinks having a little sister is a pain. However, Violet tries her best to bond with him, even though Arthur is sometimes mean to her.


Different Interests and Skills

The plot thickens when Arthur and Violet have different ideas about fun activities. Arthur likes wrestling and karate, while Violet excels at rope skipping. This leads to some sibling rivalry. Violet proves she is great at what she loves, showing her skills in rope skipping games like Sweet Milk, Sour Milk, and Red Hot Pepper.


The Big Twist and Lesson in Honesty

Arthur’s assumptions about Sandy turn out to be wrong. When he finally receives a picture from Sandy, he learns Sandy is actually a girl. She is also great at Indian wrestling and karate, just like Arthur imagined. This twist adds a humorous and enlightening element to the story.


Valuing Sibling Relationships

Arthur also realizes the value of his little sister. Despite their differences, Violet is supportive and caring. She doesn’t cry too much when Arthur beats her at wrestling. She also doesn’t brag too much when she wins at rope skipping. This helps Arthur see his sister in a new light.


Educational Aspects and Themes

Parents and teachers will appreciate the educational aspects of this book. It encourages children to read and write letters. It can also spark discussions about honesty, friendship, and sibling relationships. The story shows that everyone has unique strengths and talents.


Conclusion: A Valuable Read

In conclusion, Arthur’s Pen Pal by Lillian Hoban is a charming and heartwarming story. It combines humour, relatable characters, and important life lessons. The simple language and engaging illustrations make it a perfect choice for young readers. The book’s themes of honesty, friendship, and sibling love are timeless and universal.

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