The BookGuru Formula

For Growing Lifelong Readers

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Focused and personalised reading classes

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World class books mapped to each child's reading level

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Reading comprehension and analytics

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Monitor progress and reward achievements

I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot.

Bill Gates

Thousands Of Books

For Kids of All Reading Levels

Bob Books | Bookguru
Good Night Gorilla Books | Bookguru
Peggy Rathmann
Bill Martin, Jr. & John Archambault
The Foot book
Dr. Seuss
Dear Zoo
Rod Campbell
A color of his own
Leo Lionni
On the Launch Pad
Derrick Alderman, Stuart Farm & Susan Kesselring

Reading Level Indicator

Six Great Reasons

To Join BookGuru

Personalised Reading Classes

Our 1-On-1 and group reading classes aim to make reading your child’s superpower

Reading Level Assessment

We use a globally recognized reading assessment tool to check your child’s reading level

Personalised Book Recommendations

Our app based highly personalised book recommendations are matched to your child’s reading & comprehension levels

Unlimited Access

All readers get unlimited access to all digital books in the library at anytime and from anywhere

Monitor Your Child’s Progress

Via our app, you can monitor your child’s reading progress and preview the books your child is exploring

BookGuru’s Rewards Program

Our exciting rewards program keeps your child motivated and helps them build a strong reading habit

Give your child the best reading experience

Unlock their potential!

There is so much to gain when your child is a motivated reader.

  • Defining characteristic of super successful people
  • Heightens emotional intelligence
  • More articulate communicator
  • Better memory
  • Improves intelligence
  • Encourages innovation and creative thinking
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
  • Improves writing abilities
  • Larger vocabulary
  • Greater empathy


Saket Chauhan

The best part of the program is that we receive feedback on how well our daughters have understood each of the books they have read.

Saket Chauhan
Aditi B

My daughter has come out of her comfort zone in the choice of books and is reading many genres. Her speed of reading and vocabulary have greatly improved.

Aditi B
Grishu Gupta

BookGuru has brought a lot of enthusiasm to reading and my daughter looks forward to reading her next book. She is also excited to take the quizzes for each book.

Grishu Gupta
Pramila Mundra

My son wasn't enjoying reading and I had to keep pushing him, which was turning into nagging. BookGuru came as an answer. He now has a regular reading habit.

Pramila Mundra
Payal Rai

My daughter is an avid reader. BookGuru gives her personalised recommendations on many genres of books while keeping her preferences in mind.

Payal Rai
Kishore Ganti

BookGuru has a great algorithm to objectively track the reading progress of each child.

Kishore Ganti

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