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18 Fantastic Books to Gift This Festive Season


A book is a gift that you can open again and again – Garrison Keillor


Books make for great gifts. They never need batteries, can travel anywhere with you and will delight your little one many times over. From graphic novels to visually appealing storybooks, from fun with friends to exploring the world of fantasy, books have the ultimate power to have anyone hooked regardless of age.

Discover some amazing tales in the list below sorted by grade, interest level and page count! We bet you will find some perfect picks for your young reader.

1. Baby’s Very First Noisy Book Farm (Baby’s Very First Books) Board by Fiona Watt

A book truly made for Tiny Tots that is delightfully playful with music sounds. Specially designed for babies who love to hit everything hard and make different noises. Every picture button on the book plays a different sound including ducks in the pond, cows in the field, clucking chickens, and a chugging tractor.

Reading Level: Tiny Tots | Interest Level: Lower Years


2. Bob Books by John R. Maslen and Bobby Lynn Maslen

When your toddler starts identifying colours, sounds, expressions, and emotions, then Bob Book set can actually help him/her to get started with the reading. Set 1 offers the opportunity to make your child learn some letter sounds and make stories. New sounds are added gradually so the young readers learn and read while having fun.

Reading Level: Tiny Tots | Interest Level: Lower Years


3. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

What happens when a child writes a letter to the zoo requesting them to send him a pet? He receives a number of unsuitable pet animals whenever he opens up the packed crate. Those unsuitable animals are sent back to the zoo except the last one. Spend time with your child looking at the book and guessing which animals would come next.

Reading Level: Tiny Tots | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page count: 24


4. I Will Surprise My Friend! By Mo Willems

Gerald is careful while little Piggie is not. Gerald can keep secrets but Piggie cannot. Gerald thinks too much so Piggie doesn’t have to. Piggie and Gerald are best friends. They play a game to surprise each other but aren’t aware of the biggest surprise that is yet to come.

Reading Level: Kindergarten | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page count: 64


5. Great Day for Up! Dr. Seuss

Children often feel drowsy in the morning, still chasing dreams in their little heads. But what if the day brings a promise of adventure? Now wouldn’t that be a great day to be up?

This is another lovely piece of writing from Dr. Seuss who always comes up with the whimsical and light-hearted stories with brilliant illustrations to match.

Reading Level: Kindergarten | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page Count: 36

6. Trot, Pony! By Shira Evans

An amazing National Geographic Book, which will tell you about traits of ponies, where they live, and what they do. With all-new pictures of different kinds of ponies, your kids will love to jump, trot, and prance with them.

Your kids will learn new vocabulary and enhance their knowledge about horses. The book contains simple readable sentences with beautiful picture illustrations.

Reading Level: Kindergarten | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page Count: 24

7. The Wall in the Middle of the Book by Jon Agee

There’s actually a wall in the middle of the book, and a foolish knight thought the wall will protect him from the unexpected dangers on the other side of the wall. But something was there that he had missed. When danger actually emerged, would anyone help him? Where would help come from?

Reading Level: Grade 1 | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page Count: 42

8. My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story by Jamie Lee Curtis

The story captures the eternal love between a mother and a child. Mommy is the best at doing everything. She can untangle kites, bake cookies, and steal bases. Is there anything that she can’t do?

Relive the magic with your little one and make the ordinary moments of every day memorable with this beautifully written story My Mommy Hung the Moon.

Reading Level: Grade 2 | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page Count: 40

9. The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey

This is the story of a scary wolf, a droll snake, a thuggish shark, and a dangerous piranha who want to mend their ways and become heroes. The smartest of all, the poor wolf has a great responsibility on his shoulders. Because the rest…just want to eat everything that comes their way. Will this unlikely band succeed? It’s a graphic novel with a series of challenges and cheeky humor.

Reading Level: Grade 2 | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page Count: 140

10. The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale

No rule says Princesses can’t wear black. When danger surges in, Princess Magnolia throws away her princes gown and grab on the black to leave the castle and save the world.

An award-winning series by Shannon Hale for young readers especially for girls who dream big.

Reading Level: Grade 3 | Interest Level: Lower Years | Page Count: 90

11. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Ivan in the story is an easygoing circus gorilla, spending his life at Exit 8 Big Top Mall. He barely remembers his life in the jungle. He lives in his domain with an aging elephant, Stella, and a stray dog, Bob. Stella, as a dying wish, requests Ivan to take care of Ruby – a baby elephant –and find a better place for her. This is one promise Ivan doesn’t know how to keep.

Reading Level: Grade 4 & 5 | Interest Level: Middle and Teen Years | Page Count: 30

12. The 26-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths

Terry and Andy live in a treehouse that is 26-storeys tall and wide. It used to be 13 at first but later they expanded it. It is an amazing place with an antigravity chamber, skate ramp, bumper car rink, and an ice cream parlor having 78 flavors. There’s also a Maze of Doom from where nobody came back.

A fast paced and hilarious best-selling adventure series that kids are sure to love.

Reading Level: Grade 4 & above | Interest Level: Mid and Teen Years | Page Count 348

13. The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland

Seven dragon tribes were locked in endless battle for generations over a lost treasure. To bring the war to end, a secret movement was formed based on a prophecy named Talons of Peace.

Seven dragons are selected to fulfill the prophecy. But they escape in search of their original homes. Read this series to find out what happens next.

Reading Level: Grade 5 & above | Interest Level: Mid and Teen Years | Page Count: 336

14. Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

Is it possible for a kid to become a super-secret C.I.A agent? Of course, not! Ben Ripley thought so too.

Ben Ripley is a middle school kid who barely gets back from school without a mishap. He has always dreamt of being a spy. The story revolves around how Ben transforms into a not-so-cool CIA spy who still manages to save the day.

Reading Level: Grade 5 & above | Interest Level: Mid and Teen Years | Page Count: 304

15. Smile By Raina Telgemeier

Raina, a sixth-grader, wants to be as normal as possible. But after a bad fall, she gets severely injured and she loses her front teeth. The story follows her long, embarrassing and frustrating journey with on and off surgeries and a retainer to attach fake teeth.

A slice of life story that most kids with their own dental trauma and drama can relate to.

Reading Level: Grade 5 & above | Interest Level: Mid and Teen Years | Page Count: 214

16. The Alchemyst By Michael Scott

On September 1330, the greatest alchemist, Nicholas Flamel was born. According to history, it is believed that he had discovered the formula for eternal life. He died in 1418 but many believe that he is still alive. And his secrets aren’t safe! As things unfold, Josh Newman and Sophie are the only ones with the power to save the world.

This New York Times bestselling series is hard to put down once you get started.

Reading Level: Grade 7 & above | Interest Level: Mid and Teen Years | Page Count: 390

17. Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior by Chris Bradford

It was in August 1611, when Jack Fletcher finds himself stranded off the coastline of Japan. His crew and his beloved father lie slaughtered under the knives of Ninja pirates. The only reason that motivates Jack to survive is to become a samurai warrior.

Masamoto Takeshi, a legendary sword Master, rescues Jack from the ship and begins his training. But Jack’s struggles haven’t come to an end yet.

Reading Level: Grade 7 & above | Interest Level: Mid and Teen Years| Page Count: 368

18. The Ickabog By J.K. Rowling

There is a tiny kingdom named Cornucopia. The kingdom is happy, prosperous, and known for its food. But one day when the legend of a fearsome monster comes true, the happiness and joys of the kingdom fade away under his shadows. Two best friends, Daisy and Berk, set out to challenge the monster and bring back happiness to Cornucopia again.

Reading Level: Grade 7 & above | Interest Level: Mid and Teen Years | Page Count: 290


We hope you liked the list of books we have selected for your young reader. Pick from these or gift them a whole library. Our carefully curated collection of books from around the globe are sure to delight even the most reluctant readers. Lets grow readers for life, one book at a time.

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